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Pharmacist Walter Bouhon GmbH

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Pack size:7.5ml Dosage form:balm


frei öl® MAMA

Created out of love - gentle and effective care for the special skin needs during and after pregnancy.

Product FREE OIL Nipple Balm MAMA information:

The 100% natural frei öl® nipple balm with an innovative, delicately melting texture can be applied easily and precisely - even on the go - thanks to the practical stick shape. The formula is odorless and tasteless and preserves the skin's microbiome. All ingredients are controlled according to pharmaceutical principles.

frei öl® effect:
• Relaxes irritated nipples with jojoba oil
• Regenerates cracked nipples with oat extract
• Soothes stressed skin with almond oil
• Nourishes and preserves moisture with shea butter

FREE OIL Nipple Balm MAMA Application:

Apply the balm thinly to the nipple and vestibule and spread gently. Apply after each breastfeeding or as needed. No need to wash off before breastfeeding.

Preventive care of the nipples can be started approximately 6 weeks before the birth. Supportive care for sensitive, dry and irritated skin areas, lips or nose. The delicately melting texture can be applied easily, without pressure and without pre-treatment.

• For sensitive skin & neurodermatitis
• Skin compatibility for atopic skin (neurodermatitis) dermatologically confirmed
• The formula consists of 100% ingredients of natural origin
• The recipe is odorless and tasteless
• Vegan