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FREE OIL Perineal Massage Oil MAMA

Pharmacist Walter Bouhon GmbH

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FREE OIL Perineal Massage Oil

Pack size:60ml Dosage form:oil


FREE OIL Perineal Massage Oil, frei öl ® MAMA

Created out of love - gentle and effective care for the special skin needs during and after pregnancy.

Product FREE OIL Perineal Massage Oil MAMA information:

The 100% natural frei öl ® perineal massage oil without perfume and essential oils with only 6 ingredients is a microbiome-friendly certified oil composition for use in prenatal perineal massage. With regular massage, the elasticity of the skin can be improved and the sensitive tissue can be loosened. This can reduce the risk of perineal tears or episiotomy.

All ingredients are controlled according to pharmaceutical principles. Skin compatibility with atopic skin (neurodermatitis) has been dermatologically confirmed.

FREE OIL Perineal Massage Oil MAMA frei öl ® effect:

• Increases the elasticity of the skin with vitamin E
• Loosens and relaxes the perineal tissue when massaged with almond and jojoba oil
• Nourishes and moisturizes with squalane
• Preserves the healthy skin microbiome in the intimate area

Use from the 34th week. Week of pregnancy:
After cleaning your hands, gently loosen the sensitive tissue with the perineal massage once a day for about 5 minutes. Detailed instructions for perineal massage can be found on our website.

• Fragrance-free
• For sensitive skin & neurodermatitis
• Skin compatibility with atopic skin (neurodermatitis) dermatologically confirmed
• Vaginal microbiome tested (microbiome-friendly, my microbiome, overall grade 1.1)
• The formula consists of 100% ingredients of natural origin
• Vegan