FRONTLINE Homegard Spray

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FRONTLINE HOMEGARD ® insecticidal and acaricidal household spray

Pack size: 250 ml

  • Eliminates fleas and their larvae in the event of a flea infestation
  • Fights ticks in the home
  • With up to 6 months long-term protection

FRONTLINE HOMEGARD ® insecticidal and acaricidal household
spray The new FRONTLINE HOMEGARD ®* is a fast and double-acting insect spray (insecticide) and mite spray (acaricide) for the household. It is used for targeted environmental treatment against insects (fleas) and arachnids (ticks) and offers a long-term effect of up to 6 months. Ticks, fleas and flea larvae are effectively combated in the home environment. As a pesticide, it can be used specifically for the treatment of non-washable furniture and home textiles such as carpets, mats and armchairs. Unlike a nebulizer, it also reaches places that are difficult to access, in which flea larvae in particular develop into full-grown fleas and thus cause a flea plague in the whole house and thus provides flea protection for the household.

Note: * Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

Using the household
spray Thoroughly vacuum the area to be treated. Close the windows and open the inside and cabinet doors. Remove all animals and food from the room and cover aquariums thoroughly. Cookware and sensitive surfaces (e.g. leather) should be protected with a cloth.
Then shake the spray bottle thoroughly and test the product on a surface that is not directly visible. Hold the spray container upright during the spraying process and at a distance of about 30 cm from the surface to be treated. A spraying time of approx. 1.3 seconds is sufficient for approx. 1 m2. If necessary, the application can be repeated after 6 months. The ambient spray can be used on home textiles such as carpets, rugs, mats, armchairs and dog baskets and is only used for environmental treatment. Children and pets should be kept away during treatment.
Always read the label or leaflet before use and follow all instructions.

works FRONTLINE HOMEGARD ® contains two active ingredients. Permethrin, the first active ingredient, is structurally derived from the natural pyrethrins, which are formed by certain types of chrysanthemum. They are used in various pest control products. If a flea comes into contact with permethrin, it is paralyzed by the active ingredient and ultimately killed. (S) -Methoprene, the second active ingredient, is similar to a growth hormone found in fleas. It reduces the hatchability of the flea eggs and prevents the larvae from developing into flea pupae. This mode of action prevents the fleas from multiplying. Both substances have a targeted effect in the parasite and do not pose any danger to humans when used as intended.

Local Tips treating

Daily vacuuming: Total budget, even sleeps bag ever completely replace

textiles wash: pillows, blankets, toy animals at least at 60 ° C.

Environment: special preparations to use such as FRONT LINE HOMEGARD ®

Other places Automobiles, RV's, etc.

The most common Questions about FRONTLINE HOMEGARD ®
What indicates a flea infestation in my pet?
Increased scratching or licking, inflammatory skin changes, and hair loss can all be signs of a flea infestation. Adult fleas can usually be detected through their droppings. The so-called flea comb test provides information: Comb the animal's fur thoroughly with a flea comb and moisten a white kitchen towel with a little water.
Then knock out the flea comb on the cloth. If you see black crumbs, it could be flea poop. Rub the crumbs with the damp cloth between your hands - if the cloth turns red, this is an indication of a flea infestation, as fleas excrete undigested blood with their feces. Now the motto is: not only treat the animal, but also the environment.

How do fleas even get into my apartment?
Fleas can be carried into the home environment by our pets. A game with a conspecific, an encounter with a wild animal infested by fleas - and fleas can get into our surroundings. But flea dolls or flea eggs can also adhere to our shoes or clothes unnoticed. Once they reach your own four walls, they usually spread rapidly. It is therefore not enough to just treat the animal - certain ambient sprays and regular vacuuming, washing and cleaning of infested areas will help fight the flea infestation.

Why can fleas still be visible on my animal after treatment?
Even if all measures are interlinked, it can take three months or more to completely treat a flea infestation in the home before it can be neutralized. So, especially at the beginning, patience and a combination of several measures are crucial.

To solve the problem, follow these five steps:
1. Make sure that all cats, dogs, and other pets in your home are continuously treated with an appropriate product, every month for at least three consecutive months.

2. Vacuum more often than usual - ideally daily - and especially in those places that your animals visit regularly and dispose of the vacuum cleaner bags immediately.

3. Wash your animals' sleeping pillow / blanket regularly at a temperature of at least 60 ° C.

4. Treat your home with a household flea spray that contains an insect growth regulator (IGR), such as FRONTLINE HOMEGARD ® . Do not forget to take into account all the places where your pet is (e.g. trunk).

5. Make sure your pet has access to the parts of the house that they normally go to. Fleas that are in these areas are rendered harmless when they jump on the treated animal.