FRUCTOSE powder 400g, for people with diabetes


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  • For people with diabetes. Fruit sugar - fructose, is a healthy alternative to traditional sugar. Ideal for sweetening and baking. Helpful for weight loss because it has a relatively low index of glucose. Fructose is also recommended for people with diabetes with diet planned.

Sugar, fruit (fructose) Action: Building on the benefits that it offers us the nature, should change their habits and try to go for healthier form sweeten using fructose. Fructose is nothing but fruit sugar, which is very easily digestible food ingredient. In nature there is fructose in honey, ripe fruit and nectar of flowers. The ideal form of sweetening for dieters who want to maintain an ideal body weight without completely rejecting the sweet (fructose consumes about 40% less than sugar - sugar is more sweet). In addition, fructose has a low index of glucose (GI = 20). Fructose can use people with diabetes as part of a diet planned to about 40 grams per day.Usage: Perfect for sweetening, baking and cooking. Diabetic patients under the planned diets can consume about 40 grams of fructose per day (one teaspoon is about 4-5 g). Information for diabetics 12 g = 1 BE.