Fruit tea NATJUN, Charm of passion 100g


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  • Fruit tea. The name tempts you, the aroma captivates you, and after the first sip of Fruit Tea, the Passion Charm, you know that you will never change it for another. Apple, wild strawberry, wild rose, hibiscus, all of them raisin-flavored with sweetness.

Hibiscus, apple, fruit and leaf of wild strawberry, raisins, rosehip peel, aroma.

When the days become shorter, the darkness falls faster, more often we reach for hot drinks, which make the time pleasant. Fruit aromas work on all the senses, let you move your thoughts to the sun-filled orchards. Sweet and sour taste of apples and wild strawberries mixed with hibiscus, wild rose and raisins. Decaffeinated drought with a bright color and a hint of fruity fragrance with a noticeable vanilla note will enchant everyone.

Additional information:
Protect against foreign odors, it is best to store in a dry place.

Directions for use:
Pour 1 teaspoon of tea into a cup, then pour boiling water and cover. The brewing time is 10 minutes. Supporters of drinking tea in a glass or in a mug should pour a little more product - 1.5-2 teaspoons.

Net weight: 100g