Fruit tea NATJUN, vitamin a fruits 100g


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  • Fruit tea, vitamin a fruits. For fruit enthusiasts of teas who are looking for a perfect composition. Natjun Owocowa Vitamin is an aromatic, juicy apple, slightly tart, full of vitamin C aronia, healthy hawthorn, and all this seasoned with citrus peel.

Chokeberry fruit, hawthorn fruit, apple fruit, hibiscus petals, orange peel, rose skin, lemon peel.

Fruit Tea Vitamin can work wonders, its citrus aromas restore well-being even on the most cloudy morning. The taste of tea is dynamic, in addition to the distinct aromas of the main ingredients, you can also feel the notes of cherries, which can be a treat for fruit lovers of infusions. The uniqueness of Natjun tea can be described by paraphrasing a well-known slogan - "delicious tastes, health cures". It is not just a tasty brew with a captivating smell, it is also a mixture full of vitamins, especially vitamin C. However, these two ingredients, small balls - chokeberry and hawthorn - are the health-promoting properties of tea. If someone has problems with the circulatory system or with metabolism, drink tea Fruity Vitamin well, because aronia and hawthorn contain substances that help regulate blood pressure,

Additional information:
Keep the tea in a dry place, always closed, to protect it from foreign odors.

Pour 1 teaspoon of tea into a cup, using a larger glass eg glass - pour 1.5-2 teaspoons. Pour boiling water, cover and wait 10 minutes for brewing.

Net weight: 100g