FRUTI - LAX laxative syrup 150 ml., FRUTI - LAX syrup


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The combination of aqueous extracts of fig and plum has a mild laxative effect mainly on the colon 8 to 10 hours after ingestion.

Laxative, in the form of a syrup for oral use, extremely suitable for children and pregnant women, as well as chronically ill heart failure, requiring sparing defecation. Contains only natural ingredients - aqueous extract of figs and plums, known for its rich content of fiber, phenols and minerals, proven effective in constipation (constipation). Additionally, peppermint oil and dill have been added to overcome disorders such as gas and colic, which often occur with induced defecation. Contains sorbitol, useful in diabetics. In this way, a balance is achieved in the combination for a mild effect, resembling the effect of using the ingredients themselves in their natural form.

FRUTI - LAX laxative syrup Composition:

Aqueous extract of fig and plum - 57%

Sorbitol - 20%

Dill oil - 0.05%

Mentovo oil - 0.05%

FRUTI - LAX laxative syrup Additional ingredients:

glycerol, propylene glycol, methyl parahydroxymenzoate, protyl parahydroxybenzoate

One teaspoon of syrup contains:

Aqueous extract of fig and plum - 1.1 g

Liquid Sorbitol - 1.0 g

Protein - 0.03 g

Carbohydrates - 2.32 g

Sugar - 0.54 g

Fiber - 150 g

Fat - 0.01 g

FRUTI - LAX laxative syrup Recommended daily dose:

Adults: 1-2 tablespoons

Children / 6 months to 14 years /:

1-2 teaspoons in the morning or evening

A way of use:

In pure form or mixed with liquids. Shake well before use. The possible appearance of sediment during prolonged storage does not affect the quality!

The product is a food supplement.

Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet.

It does not contain sugar and is suitable for diabetics. - Nemokamas lankytojų skaitliukas