FSH Streaming Menopause Test x 2 pcs


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The FSH Streaming Menopause Test is a medical device designed to detect the FSH hormone in a urine sample. The product detects the concentration of the FSH hormone at the level of 25 mlU / ml or higher. The test is easy to perform, the result can be found in just 3 minutes!

Included Menopause FSH Streaming Test:

Sachet with a stream test - 2 pcs., Instructions for use.

Operation of the FSH Streaming Menopause Test:

FSH levels rise during the menopause, so the FSH Menopause Streaming Test is recommended for women around the age of 45-55 who are concerned that they may already be entering the menopause period. Medical device The Menopause FSH streaming test is intended for self-performance at home. The sensitivity of the test is very high - the test detects the FSH hormone at a concentration of 25 mlU / ml or higher. It is a rapid test based on a specific antigen-antibody immunochemical reaction.

Menopause Test Application:
Medical device: FSH stream menopause test intended for self-performance in order to detect the presence of the FSH hormone in urine.

Menopause Test Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children, at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. Pregnancy, breast-feeding and the use of oral hormonal contraceptives may influence the test result. Alcohol does not affect the test result. Single use product.

How to use the FSH Streaming Menopause Test:

Use as intended. Read the instructions for use before use. The test should be immersed in the urine container or placed downstream of the urine stream for 15 seconds. Read the result within 3 minutes. Interpretation of the result: positive result - control line C and test line T appear; negative result - only control line C appears; incorrect result - only test line T appears. Result read after 10 minutes is invalid.