FUROXIN x 30 tablets, urinary tract infection treatment


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  • Urinary tract infection treatment. Furoxin maintain the proper functioning of the urinary system, reduces the amount of bacteria in urine, increases the removal of fluids from the body.
dry extract an ethanol - water with cranberry fruit (Vaccinum macrocarpon), containing not less than 10% proantocyjanów (PACs), dry extract an ethanol-water nettle leaf (Urtica dioica), cellulose - carrier, microcrystalline cellulose - bulking agent, stearate magnesium - the lubricant and anti, silicon dioxide - anti-caking agent, hydroxypropylometyloceluloza - the substance coating and glazing, titanium dioxide - a pigment, talc - filler, propylene glycol - a plasticizer lak red koszelinowej - dye. Action: Furoxin is a modern preparation operating actively within urinary system. It consists of two active ingredients which complement each other and strengthen their action, so Furoxin supports the maintenance of the urinary tract in a state of homeostasis. The optimal combination of ingredients derived from natural sources - cranberry fruit extract and extract of nettle leaves, positively affects the functioning of the urinary tract.Furoxin with mild adjuvant diuresis and thereby increases the amount of the bodily fluid, which is advantageous for the removal of wastes from the body. The effectiveness of the preparation Furoxin is achieved through the appropriate combination of active ingredients used.
  • reduce the amount of bacteria in the urinary tract,
  • maintaining the proper functioning of the urinary tract,
  • purification of the body, and in particular of urinary metabolites.

1-2 coated tablets daily with meals.