GARDLOX JUNIOR x 16 lozenges orange flavor


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  • GARDLOX JUNIOR formulation in the form of lozenges, which, thanks to the natural composition strengthens the immune system, works protectively on the mucous membrane of the throat and has properties diaphoretic and expectorant.

1 tablet: Isomalt (artificial sweetener), citric acid (acidity regulator), marshmallow root extract 21 mg, 2.5 mg zinc gluconate, sucrose, vitamin C (L-ascorbate sodium) 11.3 mg extract 3.5 mg thyme extract, elderberry 3.5 mg, 2.5 mg rutin extract, aloe 1.5 mg extract of lapacho bark 1.5 mg, 1.5 mg citrus bioflavonoids, sage 0.3 mg, 3.5 mg xylitol, flavor, limetkowy oil, menthol, acesulfame K (artificial sweetener), aspartame (artificial sweetener).

The preparation is characterized by a complex, natural composition, which owes its properties. Against bacteria (birch bark extract - xylitol), and helps keep the teeth in good condition. Strengthens the immune system (vitamin C, zinc, aloe extract of Lapacho bark) and facilitate expectoration (thyme). Exhibits properties of protecting the mucous membrane of the throat (marshmallow) and operates diaphoretic (elderberry fruit). Helps maintain the good condition of the blood vessel wall (rutin, citrus bioflavonoids).

It is recommended to use alternative, the preparation for the irritation and inflammation of the pharynx and oral cavity. Indicated during increased incidence of colds and flu.

applying suction to a dose of 1 tablet 4 x / 24h.