GARGARIN 6 x 5g sachets


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GARGARIN 6 x 5g sachets

  • GARGARIN is a product that due to components contained therein against bacteria and fungi as well as topical pain relief. Exhibits soothing inflammation of the throat and mouth.

5g powder contains: 1,74g of sodium tetraborate, 1,74g of sodium bicarbonate, 0.75 g sodium chloride, 0.75 g of sodium benzoate, 0.02 g of menthol.

The product Gargarin is in the form of sachets for preparation of a gargling solution. It characterized by an unusual composition corresponding to a number of beneficial properties. Antiseptic, fighting infections causing microorganisms (bacteria and fungi). Moreover, it shows anti-inflammatory and relieves inflammatory reactions in pharynx and oral cavity. Topical fights pain.

- hypersensitivity Components formulation
- pregnancy and lactation
- with chronic dosing can lead to poisoning

It is recommended to use topical formulation for the treatment of secondary inflammatory conditions of the mouth, gums, upper respiratory tract, as well as in rhinitis mucous membranes.

used topically. One sachet should be dissolved in 250 ml of warm water and gargle. Step repeats x 2-3 / 24. Do not swallow!