GASTROCYNESINE 0.3 g x 60 tablets


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  • GASTROCYNESINE is a product belonging to the group of homeopathic remedies, which preferably affects the digestive system and supports the mitigation of bloating, heartburn and heaviness in the upper abdomen.

Abies nigra CH 4, Carbo Vegetabilis CH 4, Nux vomica CH 4, Robinia pseudo-acacia CH 4; aa 75.0 mg. Weight tabulettae 0.30 g.

The product has a unique, natural composition. It belongs to a broad group of homeopathic medicines. It is designed for oral lozenge. It contains substances positively affect the functioning of the digestive system and are responsible for removing the discomfort associated with the occurrence of bębnicy, heartburn, belching and feelings of heaviness in the abdomen.

- allergic to ingredients

The preparation should be used in case of problems in the digestive system such as bloating, heartburn, belching or feeling of heaviness in the abdomen.

Use oral lozenge. For adults, use Table 1-2. x 1-3 / 24. The tablets may also be dissolved in a small amount of water.