GAVISCON x 16 tablets of mint flavor, heartburn symptoms, safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers

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  • GAVISCON is fast-acting and effective preparation for people with digestive ailments, heartburn, burning in the throat and chest caused by regurgitation of stomach contents into the esophagus. The product GAVISCON is safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
Poor nutrition, overweight, smoking, stress, and certain medications in many cases can lead to the formation of troublesome ailments of the digestive system such as zgaga- tightness or burning in the throat or chest, and indigestion - pain in the chest or abdomen, bloating , belching. Due to the unique action and natural ingredients safely triggers the body from these problems.
Compared to other drugs show increased safety (no side effects), does not adversely affect the body (natural ingredients) and is the only fully, can be used by women pregnant and nursing women.
GAVISCON Composition: 1 tablet GAVISCON contains 250 mg of sodium alginate (Natrii alginas), 133.5 mg of sodium bicarbonate (Natrii hydrogenocarbonas), 80 mg of calcium carbonate (Calcii carbonas) and excipients.
GAVISCON Action: the GAVISCON starts working after 3 minutes applications, bringing relief and eliminating a burning sensation in the throat and chest. the active substances - alginates in combination with hydrochloric acid, result in a thick layer on the surface of the contents of the stomach creating a "dam" which prevents backflow of the contents into the esophagus.
GAVISCON Dosage: After an symptoms Table 2-4. , after meals and at bedtime