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GELASPON hemostasis, wound care Strips 4x1x1 cm

Dr. Gerhard Mann

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GELASPON hemostasis, wound care Strips 4x1x1 cm 


Pack size:5 pc Dosage form:Stripes


hemostasis and wound care Gelaspon® Strip is a sterile, absorbable gelatin sponge for the care of small superficial wounds. It has a high suction capacity for blood and wound secretions. Gelaspon has a neutral pH value and is well tissue-compatible.

Gelaspon® Strips measuring 4x1x1 cm are individually sterile packed and can be removed from superficial wounds without leaving any residue and painlessly.

High GELASPON hemostasis, wound care strips absorbency
Gelaspon® Strips made from 100% pig gelatine support blood coagulation with their fine-pored structure. They have a high suction capacity for blood and wound secretions. As a wound dressing, the strips dissolve in two to three days.

Gelaspon® Strips can be used to stop bleeding with light to moderate nosebleeds, to treat superficial wounds and after tooth extraction.

RECOMMENDATIONS GELASPON hemostasis, wound care strips FOR USE:
- Gelaspon® Strips can be used dry and wet - Gelaspon® Strips can
be cut to size and shape of the wound with sterile scissors - Hemostasis in the case of nosebleeds: insert
1 strip of Gelaspon® Strip into the affected nostril. The Gelaspon® Strip can be slightly squeezed together for easier insertion
- if the bleeding does not stop after using a second strip of Gelaspon® Strip in the case of nosebleeds, consult a doctor
- Care of wounds: For dry wounds, it is recommended to use Gelaspon® Strip moistened, for moist wounds dry
- Hemostasis: Apply Gelaspon® Strip until the bleeding has stopped
- Gelaspon® Strip forms a gel in the case of secretion-secreting wounds a painless dressing change is made possible
- use Gelaspon® Strip immediately after opening the individual

packaging to ensure sterility. GELASPON hemostasis, wound care strips are made from 100% pig gelatine and are therefore not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.