GELIFEND vaginal gel 7X5 ml lactic acid and glycogen

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Gelifend ® vaginal ovulum, gel, lactic acid and glycogen

medical device

  • Vaginal gel with lactic acid and glycogen
  • Effective relief from bacterial vaginosis through the dual action approach
  • To restore and maintain a healthy vaginal flora, prophylactic protection when antibiotics are given
  • Hygienic use with the disposable tube
  • Dual action approach with lactic acid and glycogen
  • Rapid symptom relief and elimination
  • To maintain the natural pH balance and to prevent symptoms from recurring
  • Can also be used during pregnancy
  • For reliable prevention of vaginal infections
  • Effective fight against vaginal thrush

Gelifend ® vaginal ovulum, gel, lactic acid and glycogen:

Gelifend ® - vaginal gel with lactic acid and glycogen
Gelifend ® contains lactic acid and glycogen to restore and maintain a healthy vaginal flora and thus ensure optimal prevention of fungal infections. Lactic acid restores the natural pH value in the vagina, glycogen supports this process by serving the lactic acid bacteria as food and thus promoting reproduction. This will quickly relieve symptoms such as vaginal discomfort, unpleasant smell and abnormal discharge. Gelifend ® in the practical disposable tube is easy and hygienic to use.
Areas of application:
Gelifend ®Vaginal gel regenerates and stabilizes the natural pH value of the vagina with lactic acid and glycogen and prevents recurring bacterial vaginosis.

Gelifend ® vaginal ovulum, gel, lactic acid and glycogen Duration of use:

1 tube daily for 7 days.

Gelifend ® vaginal ovulum, gel, lactic acid and glycogen Composition:
lactic acid, glycogen, propylene glycol, methylhydroxypropyl cellulose, sodium lactate, water, pH 3.8.

Side effects, information, contraindications:
The application can lead to a slight burning sensation in the vagina at the beginning, as the changed vaginal flora is more sensitive. In the case of fungal infections or tears in the vaginal tissue, the use of Gelifend can lead to sharp pain. These symptoms are temporary and decrease as healthy vaginal flora is restored.