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GeloMyrtol ® forte SPARSET
2 X 20 soft capsules

GeloMyrtol ® forte gastric juice-resistant soft capsules

GELOMYRTOL FORTE Areas of application:
For dissolving mucus and relieving coughing in acute and chronic bronchitis. For dissolving mucus in inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (sinusitis). For use in adults, adolescents and children from 6 years of age. Contains sorbitol.

For GELOMYRTOL FORTE information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Pohl-Boskamp

If you have sinusitis and bronchitis with a cough, runny nose and pressure headache,
head tight? Close your nose? Cough? GeloMyrtol ®forte is the herbal expectorant for cold-related symptoms such as cough, runny nose and pressure headache . It loosens the mucus and because the high-quality ingredients also help to contain the inflammation *, they help promote the healing process. The result: You can breathe freely again, have fewer coughing attacks and are fit again faster.

* Anti-inflammatory effects could be detected in suitable in vitro models, professional information GeloMyrtol® forte, as of February 2013

Tip: Take GeloMyrtol ® already forte of a cold at the first sign. In this way you can avert aggravation and shorten the duration of the illness.

GeloMyrtol ® forte
• Activates self-cleaning in the airways
• Fights pathogens
• Shortens the duration of illness

Herbal expectorant for the airways
The effect of GeloMyrtol ® forte is based on the special combination of high quality essential oils. In a special process, a special distillate is obtained from four different plants: eucalyptus, sweet orange, myrtle and lemon.

The purely herbal active ingredient works like an inhalation from the inside. The natural self-cleaning powers of the airways are activated: The mucus in the bronchi and paranasal sinuses is loosened, the bronchi relax and the pathogens are fought. Frees the airways - shortens the duration of the illness.

* Results in vitro study

For the entire airways
The mucous membrane of the upper and lower airways forms a single unit. That is why the nose, sinuses and bronchi are often affected by a respiratory infection at the same time. GeloMyrtol ® forte has a comprehensive effect on both the upper and lower respiratory tract: for symptoms such as coughing, runny nose and pressure headache.

GELOMYRTOL FORTE Inhalation from within
GeloMyrtol ® forte has a liberating and beneficial effect like inhalation from within: the active ingredients are absorbed by the body and pass through the bloodstream into the lungs and paranasal sinuses. From there the essential oils are exhaled. You can feel and smell GeloMyrtol ®forte like an inhalation.

GELOMYRTOL FORTE Chronic bronchitis benefits
Cough and sputum are typical signs of bronchitis. This is considered chronic if symptoms persist on most days for at least three months per year for two consecutive years.

Studies show that regular use of GeloMyrtol ® forte has a positive effect on the progression of chronic bronchitis.

GeloMyrtol ® forte and antibiotics.

As a rule, a respiratory tract infection is triggered by viruses. In some cases, however, bacteria make it worse - an antibiotic may be necessary.

Your doctor may recommend taking GeloMyrtol ® forte in addition to the prescribed antibiotic . This makes sense because it loosens the mucus and because the high-quality ingredients also help to contain the inflammation *, it promotes the healing process. Symptoms such as convulsive cough and pressure headache are relieved, and the nasal congestion is cleared. This will help you get fit again faster.

* Anti-inflammatory effects could be demonstrated in suitable in vitro models, technical information GeloMyrtol ® forte


GeloMyrtol ® forte is a good decision in every phase of the cold. The takingEven at the first signs of a cold , the disease can be averted before the infection sets in. The self-cleaning mechanism of the airways is activated.

If the infection has already spread, the herbal active ingredient loosens the mucus in the upper and lower airways. With GeloMyrtol forte ® you can breathe freely again noticeably.

FOR CHILDREN FROM 6 YEARS OLD Children are particularly likely to have symptoms such as runny nose and cough, which can quickly develop into bronchitis.

The herbal expectorant GeloMyrtol ® forte is suitable and well tolerated for children from 6 years of age. GeloMyrtol ® forte is also available as a smaller capsule: Myrtol ®. The smaller, oval capsules are particularly easy to swallow.

Tip: Taking it with applesauce or yogurt is very popular with children. 


Why should GeloMyrtol ® forte be taken before eating? The recommended intake of GeloMyrtol ® forte half an hour before eating ensures the quickest onset of action. In order for the active ingredients to develop their full effect, take the capsule together with a glass of water. In this way, the capsule reaches the small intestine undamaged, where the special distillate of essential oils is best absorbed. There are no known interactions of GeloMyrtol ® forte with food.

Can GeloMyrtol ® forte also be taken over a longer period of time?
There are no concerns about long-term use. GeloMyrtol ® forte is also used successfully for chronic bronchitis and sinusitis. In decades of therapeutic use in clinics and practices, it has proven to be very well tolerated and effective. Many patients with chronic sinusitis or chronic bronchitis have had very good experiences with the permanent use of GeloMyrtol ® forte over the years. In patients with chronic bronchitis, it was possible to show in a large clinical study over 6 months that the administration of GeloMyrtol ®forte, the intensity and frequency of acute infections could be significantly reduced over the winter months. *
* Meister et al .: Standardized effectiveness and tolerability of Myrtol in the long-term treatment of chronic bronchitis; Medic.-Forsch./Drug Res. (1999) 49 (I) 4: 351-358