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GELOSITIN nasal care 15ml

G. Pohl-Boskamp GmbH & Co. KG

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GELOSITIN nasal care 15ml

GeloSitin ® nasal care spray Moisturize dry noses naturally with sesame oil. Crust formation, itching or burning sensation: A dry nasal mucous membrane, caused by heating air, air conditioning or a cold, often has unpleasant effects. GeloSitin ® cares for the irritated nasal mucosa, effectively helps against incrustation and ensures long-lasting moisture. Moisturizing, nourishing, protective - gentle regeneration for the nasal mucosa • Long-lasting protection and noticeable care • Gentle removal of crusts • Pleasant smell thanks to orange and lemon oil Highly pure sesame oil: purely vegetable moisturizer The nourishing nasal oil GeloSitin ®

GELOSITIN nasal care 15ml contains ultra-pure sesame oil. It is purely vegetable and contains no preservatives. The GeloSitin ® spray head creates a fine spray mist. In this way, the oil is optimally distributed inside the nose and forms a thin protective film. The damaged nasal mucous membrane is cared for and moistened and the annoying itching and burning sensation is relieved. The fine solution softens nasal scabs, crusts and crusts and gently loosens them without further irritating the mucous membranes. The orange and lemon oil contained in GeloSitin ® unfolds a fresh scent in the nose and also ensures a pleasant application.

GELOSITIN nasal care 15ml APPLICATION RECOMMENDATION: Enter as required, e.g. B. Every 3-4 hours, 1-2 vigorous sprays in each nostril. GeloSitin can be used up to 5 times a day - also with decongestant nasal sprays staggered.

GeloSitin ® is suitable for children from 3 years and adults for a longer period of use or for interval therapy . GeloSitin ® can also be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding without hesitation. 


A secretion is formed in the nasal mucosa, which provides moisture, has an important protective function and contributes to the immune system. Various factors can lead to drying out and irritation of this sensitive nasal area: • Conditioned air, for example on air travel, in the car or in the office • Heated rooms with dry heating air in winter.

GELOSITIN nasal care 15ml:

• Dust or fumes, often at work, e. As in industrial production
• Decongestant nasal sprays can permanently damage the nasal mucosa Excessive use
• cold, allergies or smoking can irritate the nose
• Extreme weather conditions such. B. on a skiing holiday
• Age-related restrictions of the mucous membrane

If the moisture in the tissue decreases, there are often other complaints such as crust formation, itching, burning or nosebleeds in addition to the unpleasant feeling of dryness. GeloSitin ® cares for the nasal mucous membrane and keeps it supple. The further loss of moisture is prevented, the nasal mucous membrane regenerates and can perform its important tasks again.

GELOSITIN nasal care 15ml  ITCH & BURNING

Common and particularly distressing symptoms of a dry nose are itching or burning. The urge to rub the nose is then great. However, it should not be given in to prevent further irritation of the nasal mucous membrane. The natural sesame oil in GeloSitin ® , however, provides a remedy . It lays evenly on the nasal mucous membrane, moisturizes it and quickly relieves symptoms such as itching and burning.

GELOSITIN nasal care 15ml INCRUST

The formation of crusts or crusts in the nose, which is often associated with dry nasal mucosa, is uncomfortable and often painful. The cause is dry nasal secretions that solidify and stick to the nasal wall, or cracks in the nasal mucosa that start to bleed. Such crusts are often stuck in the nose and loosening can lead to further injuries and nosebleeds. GeloSitin ® is moisturizing, softens crusts and crusts and gently loosens them.

Whether due to a cold, allergies or other causes - dry nasal mucous membranes often lead to a sore nose. The mucous membrane is irritated and heavily used. If there are tears in the tissue, nosebleeds can also occur. Bleeding can occur quickly, especially with very sensitive nasal mucous membranes. GeloSitin ® effectively cares for the nasal mucous membrane and ensures moisture and regeneration. The sore nose can regenerate and nosebleeds can be prevented.


How long can I use GeloSitin ® nasal care?

GeloSitin ® nasal care can be used safely over a longer period of time or for interval therapy.

Can i use GeloSitin® use nasal care during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

GeloSitin ® nasal care is very well tolerated and can therefore also be used without risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Does the use of GeloSitin ® nasal care also make sense in the case of allergies?

GeloSitin ® is recommended as a supplementary care for allergies. The nourishing oils protect the irritated mucous membranes and gently remove crusts. Since GeloSitin ® has no decongestant or anti-allergic properties, it is not very suitable as a single measure against allergies (e.g. hay fever).

Is GeloSitin ®Nose care also suitable for diabetics?

Yes, GeloSitin ® nasal care can be used by diabetics without any risk.

Can GeloSitin ® nasal care be used with food intolerances (e.g. lactose intolerance, celiac disease)?

There is no risk from the use of GeloSitin ® nasal care for food intolerances. However , if there is an intolerance to one of the components of GeloSitin ® , it should not be used.

How long can GeloSitin ® nasal care keep after opening ?

After the expiry date, GeloSitin ®can no longer be used. After opening, it is advisable to use GeloSitin ® nasal care within six to seven weeks.

Doing sport while using GeloSitin ® nasal care - is that possible?

If GeloSitin ® is used for a dry nose, e.g. If used, for example, due to dry air conditions in winter or an allergy, it can moisten the nasal mucosa and help restore performance. In principle, however, sporting activities should always be adapted to the state of health. In the case of colds and flu-like infections, high stress should be avoided.