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GELOVOX Protection throat and voice x 20 lozenges


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  • GELOVOX protection throat and voice is a product that due to the presence of hyaluronic acid forms a protective coating on the mucosa of the mouth and throat. It soothes irritations and has moisturizing properties.

Xanthan, carbomer, sodium hyaluronate, sodium bicarbonate, mannitol, xylitol, citric acid, macrogol, aspartame, flavors (cherry menthol), potassium hydrogen phosphate, zinc stearate, silicon dioxide

The product is a well-composed complex nutrients that soothe the mucous membranes of the throat and mouth, and to form a complex hydrogel closely adjacent to the mucosa. It contains hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for the moisturizing effect. In addition, it includes unique mineral stimulates saliva production.

- allergic to the ingredients
- age less than 6 years of age

Use the preparation in order to protect the lining of the mouth and throat.

Use oral lozenge. Take 1 tablet. several times a day, but not more than 6 tablets / 24.