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GELSECTAN capsules 30 pc irritable bowel syndrome

Klinge Pharma GmbH

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Gelsectan ® capsules for irritable bowel syndrome
- to restore intestinal function

Gelsectan has a double effect on patients with irritable bowel syndrome: protects the affected intestinal wall with a protective film supports the build-up of important bacterial strains for a healthy intestinal flora

Thanks to its innovative mechanism of action, Gelsectan offers some special advantages for patients with irritable bowel syndrome:

- Gelsectan relieves the typical irritable bowel symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating and flatulence

- GELSECTAN Irritable bowel syndrome
- Gelsectan is a new and innovative product with a dual mode of action and a special mucosal
protective film - restoration and protection of the mucosal barrier through a special mucous protective film
- Symptoms of diarrhea often have a noticeable effect just a few hours after ingestion (1)
- Interruption of inflammation in the intestine and prevention of relapse
- A clinical study has shown an improvement in diarrhea, pain, flatulence and quality of life (1)

( 1) L.Gnessi, V. Bacarea, M.Marusteri, et al., BMC Gastroenterology (2015) 15: 153

Gelsectan is a class IIa medical device, 0476
NOVENTURE, SL, Calle Consejo de Ciento, 333, 08007 Barcelona, ​​Spain
Distributor Germany: Klinge Pharma GmbH, 83607 Holzkirchen, Germany

GELSECTAN Irritable bowel syndrome, Please read the instructions for use carefully.