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  • Get Slim Morning is an innovative dietary supplement so that from early morning you can plan your own weight loss program. The supplement contains only natural ingredients - without the use of GMO ingredients enriched with chromium and vitamin B.



The content of the recommended daily intake of the product portion

1 tablet

2 tablets

Vitamin B6

0.7 mg (50%) *

1.4 mg (100%) *

Vitamin B12

1.25 mg (50%) *

2.5 mg (100%) *


20 mg (50%) *

40 mg (100%) *

Extract of green coffee, including:

chlorogenic acid


300 mg

150 mg

18 mg

600 mg

300 mg

36 mg

Green tea extract, including
EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate)

50 mg

8.63 mg

100 mg

17.25 mg

The extract of bitter orange, including:

50 mg

3 mg

100 mg

6 mg

Paprika extract, including:

50 mg

2.5 mg

100 mg

5 mg

* (RDA) - the percentage of the recommended daily intake of Action: Get Slim Morning is a modern, well-balanced diet supplement, which is particularly recommended for women who want to stay slim, safely lose weight and maintain weight loss results without the risk of damage to health and beauty. The composition of dietary supplement Get Slim Morning, we find only natural ingredients - not genetically modified (GMO), which have been enriched by the lame and vitamin B. Among the active components of the preparation Get Slim Morning find: extract of green coffee (chlorogenic acid), extract green tea extract, bitter orange extract of Cayenne pepper. The inclusion of a daily supplementation Get Slim Morning, definitely will help accelerate the reduction of excessive adipose tissue, will affect the efficient metabolism, and sometimes also the desired body weight. The performance of the components of the preparation: Green coffee - contains the compounds accelerate combustion. Due to the presence of chlorogenic acid reduces the absorption of sugar and stimulates the body to actively use up stocks which contribute to the combustion of the accumulated body fat. It also improves the ability to burn fat located in the liver, which controls the metabolism of fats found throughout the body. Green tea - the most powerful antioxidant strengthens the body's natural defenses and accelerates metabolism. Thanks to the content of polyphenols and anti relationship EGCG stimulates the immune system and protects the body against free radicals. The extract of cayenne pepper - stimulates the body to burn calories. Capsaicin extract rich in the body warms up and enhances the metabolism of up to 10%! Synephrine - bitter orange extract - affects the growth metabolism. It breaks the accumulated fat which contribute to the combustion of even greater number of calories.Chromium - a natural element regulates blood glucose levels. It works przeciwcukrzycowo and reduces the feeling of hunger wolf. B6 and B12 - Vitamin governing fatigue. They play an important role in the functioning of the systems: the immune and nervous systems.

The product is the first step of the treatment slimming, recommended to start the day as a dietary supplement for women who care about the line and wanting to keep the effects of weight loss. The product should be applied in the morning after breakfast and before physical activity.Usage: The product should be applied once a day after breakfast and take 2 tablets.