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Gingium ® 120 mg, film- coated tablets

Active ingredient: Ginkgo biloba leaves dry extract.

Areas of application:
For the symptomatic treatment of mental loss of performance caused by organic brain tissue.

The application takes place within the framework of an overall therapeutic concept in the case of a progressive decline or
loss of acquired intellectual abilities (dementia syndrome) with the main complaints:

• memory disorders
• concentration disorders
• depression
• dizziness
• ringing in the ears
• headache.

The individual response to the medication cannot be predicted. Before starting treatment with this medicinal product, it should be clarified whether the symptoms are not due to an underlying disease that is specifically to be treated.
To extend the pain-free walking distance in the case of arterial occlusive disease in the limbs, so-called "intermittent claudication" (intermittent claudication in stage II according to FONTAINE) as part of physical-therapeutic measures, especially walking training.
In the case of dizziness as a result of circulatory disorders or age-related regression processes (vertigo of vascular and involutive genesis). For the supportive treatment of noises in the ears as a result of circulatory disorders or age-related regression processes (tinnitus of vascular and involutive genesis). Frequently occurring dizziness and ringing in the ears generally need to be clarified by a doctor. In the event of sudden hearing loss or hearing loss, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Contains lactose.
For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist!

Gingium® 120 mg: naturally supporting forgetfulness * and ringing in the ears with the power of plants ** In

order for the brain to be able to carry out its various tasks well, it needs sufficient nutrients and oxygen. Gingium ® 120 mg helps by promoting blood circulation in the brain and thereby improving memory and concentration. * In addition, Gingium ® 120 mgalso supportsthe regeneration of the inner ear in tinnitus ** thanks to better blood circulation. The high-quality special extract is obtained from the leaves of the ginkgo tree, has a high concentration of natural active ingredients (ginkgo flavone glycosides, terpene lactones) and is well tolerated

The 6 most important facts about Gingium ® 120 mg:
• Gingium ® 120 mg improves memory and concentration when mental performance deteriorates *
• Gingium ® 120 mg promotes blood circulation in the brain
• Gingium ® 120 mg strengthens the nerve cells by preventing the brain cells from so-called free ones Protects radicals, which cause oxidative stress and thus damage the cells
• With Gingium ® 120 mg you can naturally treat noises in the ears , also known as tinnitus **
• Thanks to the highly concentrated power of Ginkgo, Gingium ® 120 mg is plant-based and well tolerated
• Strict quality controls guarantee a high-quality drug

Act early on forgetfulness *

Forgetfulness is not uncommon. The brain filters apparently unimportant information. This can increase in old age. In order for the brain to be able to carry out its various tasks, it must be supplied with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. Circulatory disorders, which often increase with age, can have a negative effect on memory performance. Those affected often do not know that they can improve their memory * with drugs containing the special ginkgo extract. The rule is: the earlier, the better. With the highly concentrated power of Ginkgo, Gingium ® 120 mg is plant-based and well tolerated.

With Gingium ®120 mg Act early in case of forgetfulness *: Promotes blood circulation in the brain Strengthens the nerve cells Improves memory and concentration *

Treat noises in the ears (tinnitus) naturally **

In addition to forgetfulness and concentration problems, circulatory disorders can also lead to noises in the ears, also known as tinnitus. You are not alone with this problem - ringing in the ears can occur at any age. An estimated 3 million people in Germany suffer from annoying whistling, buzzing or hissing.1 Those who “have a lot on their minds” are particularly susceptible. Stress causes the body to release stress hormones. The blood vessels constrict and can thus encourage blockage of the vessels. The result is circulatory disorders.

Taken regularly, Gingium ® 120 mg improves the circulation of the smallest blood vessels in the inner ear. ** This means that more oxygen can reach the nerve cells, which supports the regeneration process of the hearing organ in tinnitus. **

The concentrated power of Ginkgo biloba
The active ingredient in Gingium ® 120 mg is a special extract from ginkgo leaves. Ginkgo biloba is a very special tree and can live up to 1,000 years. Its special phytonutrients protect the tree from pests, environmental toxins and even from radioactive radiation.
To obtain the special extract that is used for Gingium ®120 mg is used, the valuable plant constituents are enriched in a complex process and irritating substances are separated off. Special extracts obtained in this way contain the natural active ingredients in a highly concentrated manner and are well tolerated.


To treat forgetfulness *, adults should, unless otherwise prescribed,
• take one Gingium® 120 mg film-coated tablet or ½ Gingium® 240 mg film-coated tablet • twice a day • swallowed whole
and with sufficient fluid
• the duration of the treatment should be at least 8 weeks.

For the supportive treatment of noises in the
ears **, adults should • take one Gingium® 120 mg film-coated tablet once or twice a day
• swallow whole and with sufficient fluid
• the supportive treatment should take place over a period of at least 12 weeks.

It can be taken independently of meals. Gingium® 120 mg must not be used in case of hypersensitivity to Ginkgo biloba or any of the other ingredients, as well as during pregnancy. Gingium® 120 mg is not intended for use by people under the age of 18. AGE With age, circulatory disorders often increase. As a result, the brain can often no longer be adequately supplied with oxygen and nutrients, which impairs memory performance and the ability to concentrate. STRESS / OVERLOAD

Under stress, the body releases stress hormones that cause the blood vessels to constrict.
The result is often circulatory disorders that favor the development of tinnitus. Dizziness Anyone prone to dizziness and unsteady on their feet runs the risk of falling . The risk of serious injuries is particularly high in old age. Prevent: Strengthen your muscles (climbing stairs or doing morning exercises, exercising with dumbbells and weight cuffs). FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: How is Gingium ® 120 mg taken? For the treatment of forgetfulness, unless otherwise prescribed, adults should • take one Gingium ® 120 mg film-coated tablet twice a day