GINKGO AbZ 120 mg Ginkgo biloba leaves

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GINKGO AbZ 120 mg Ginkgo biloba leaves film-coated tablets

pack size:120 pcs Dosage form:film-coated tablets

-coated tablets Active ingredient: Ginkgo biloba leaf dry extract.

Composition: Each filmtbl. contains 40 mg; 80mg; 120mg; 240 mg of quantified, refined dry extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves (35-67:1) Extraction agent: acetone 60% (m/m). The extract is quantified to 22.0 - 27.0% flavonoids, calculated as flavonoid glycosides, 2.8 - 3.4% ginkgolides A, B and C, 2.6 - 3.2% bilobalide and contains a maximum of 5 ppm ginkgolic acids. Otherwise. Consists.: Tablet core: croscarmellose sodium, colloidal silica, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate (Ph. Eur.) [vegetable], microcrystalline cellulose, spray-dried glucose syrup. Film-coating: Macrogol 3350, Poly(vinyl alcohol), Talc, Titanium dioxide (E171), Iron hydroxide oxide x H2O (E172).

Areas Ginkgo biloba leaves of application: Herbal medicine to improve age-related cognitive impairment and quality of life in mild dementia. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to ginkgo biloba extract or one of the other ingredients, pregnancy.

Ginkgo biloba leaves Warning: film-coated tablets contain lactose and glucose!

Ginkgo biloba leaves Side effects: bleeding in individual organs (eyes, nose, cerebral and gastrointestinal bleeding). headache, dizziness. Diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting. Hypersensitivity reactions (allergic shock). Allergic skin reactions (erythema, edema, itching and rash). Pregnancy/lactation: During pregnancy contraindicated currency silence not applicable Interactions: Anticoagulants AM (such as phenprocoumon, warfarin, clopidogrel, acetylsalicylic acid and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), dabigatran, nifedipine, efavirenz.

Ginkgo biloba leaves Dosage: Adults: 240 mg ginkgo dry extract daily.

Read the package leaflet about risks and side effects and ask your doctor or pharmacist.