GINKGOVIN improves memory and concentration 60 tablets, Grape Seed


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GINKOVIN is a combination of high quality extracts of Ginkgo biloba and Grape Seed.

Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo Biloba is the oldest known tree species with therapeutic value. Ginkgo extract improves blood circulation and enhances memory. Ginkgo leaves have been found to contain two types of bioactive substances - flavonoids and terpenoids, which have pronounced antioxidant properties and lower cholesterol. They fight the formation of clots and blood clots in blood vessels. Increase the supply of active organs (brain tissue, heart, retina, etc.) with oxygen, glucose and other nutrients that are vital for the proper functioning of the central nervous system. At the same time, they improve the transmission of nerve signals between brain cells and thus further stimulate brain function. The extract has a beneficial effect on Raynaud's disease - "cold limb syndrome".
The action of Ginkgo Biloba is due to the flavonoids and terpenoids in the leaves, which have a pronounced antioxidant effect, such as:
- Limit lipid peroxidation of cell membranes and stabilize erythrocytes.
- Protect neurons from oxidative stress and subsequent ischemic processes.
The flavonoids in Ginkgo biloba have an antithrombotic effect by:
- Inhibiting PAF (platelet activating factor) by binding to the membrane receptors of a large number of cells.
- Affect the degranulation of neutrophils.
- Limit the excitability of the amino acid receptor and thrombin.
- Inhibit factors Thromboxane A2 and B2, as well as platelet phosphodiesterase, all of which mediate platelet aggregation.
Ginkgo Biloba has a more specific, improving blood circulation effect: - Restores the balance between prostacyclin and thromboxane A2, which leads to effective regulation of blood circulation.
- Affects the reduction of smooth muscle contractions.
In general, Ginkgo Biloba extract increases the microcirculation of cerebral and
peripheral blood flow and at the same time reduces vasoconstriction, inhibits
toxicity and slows cell death.

Grape seed:

Grape proanthocyanidins protect the capillaries from damage caused by free radicals. Therefore, they are prescribed to treat bruises and other conditions due to difficult to absorb subcutaneous bleeding. It is also prescribed for varicose veins, especially when there are hemorrhoids. Grape seed extract is a natural plant substance with a concentrated content of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) - a type of flavonoids. They are powerful antioxidants and support blood circulation in the small peripheral blood vessels. OPCs are one of the few antioxidants that cross the blood-brain barrier and protect nerve tissue.

They have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action (block the enzymatic release of histamine) 6. Proanthocyanidins make blood vessels elastic, which helps to lower blood pressure and reduce the fragility of capillaries; they improve the patency of blood vessels by preventing the formation of plaques and blood clots. They strengthen the walls of the veins, preventing the formation of varicose veins. OPCs are immediately absorbed in the stomach and enter the circulatory system, which carries them to each cell. Their stay in the body is 72 hours, during which time they are completely absorbed by the body. Also important is their ability to preserve and regenerate vitamins C and E, which are otherwise short-lived in the human body.

Grape seed extract is 50 times stronger antioxidant than vitamin E. preventing the formation of varicose veins.


· Enhances memory

· Improves blood circulation to the limbs

· Encourages the irrigation of the brain

· Strengthens blood vessels

· Antioxidant effect, neutralizes free radicals

· Improves concentration and attention

GINKGOVIN Composition:

Ginkgo Biloba extract... ..... 100 mg

Grape seed extract............ 50 mg


1 tablet daily with meals. The recommended intake is a minimum of 2 months.

Side effects:
Not established in the indicated doses.

Food supplement.
Keep out of reach of small children.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
The product is not a substitute for a varied diet.