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GINKGOVITAL Heumann 120 mg film-coated tablets 30 pc


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GINKGOVITAL Heumann ® 120 mg film- coated tablets

Active ingredient: Ginkgo biloba leaves dry extract (35 - 67: 1).
For use in adults.
Application: To improve age-related cognitive impairment and the quality of life in mild dementia. Contains lactose and glucose.

GINKGOVITAL Heumann For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

120 mg film- coated tablets

To maintain mental performance

• Strengthens memory and concentration *
• Purely plant-based and well tolerated
• Available in 4 different strengths, also in high doses

* With age-related decline in mental performance

Natural strengthening of the gray cells

When it comes to performance, our brain, like our body, is subject to natural fluctuations - and is sometimes overwhelmed: In phases with a lot of stress, illness, too little sleep or when too many impressions on us at the same time storm, we cannot memorize everything or quickly forget information. It happens to everyone, children and adults, young and old people. However, forgetfulness should be taken seriously if it occurs more and more often and over a longer period of time or is accompanied by signs such as disorientation or word-finding disorders.

The sooner you start to develop your brain, the better. In addition to regular brain training, suitable preparations based on the herbal active ingredient Ginkgo-biloba such as GINKGOVITAL Heumann can improve blood circulation and thus increase brain activity.

Purely vegetable

GINKGOVITAL Heumann contains a dry extract from the leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree as an active ingredient. The manufacture and active ingredient concentration of the drug are subject to the established guidelines of the European Pharmacopoeia. GINKGOVITAL Heumann ® is a herbal medicine and is well tolerated.

Medicinal plant from China

The fan-leaf tree, which comes from China, is one of the most thoroughly researched medicinal plants. The valuable phytochemicals in the leaf extracts have been used in medicines for dementia, memory disorders and tinnitus for decades.

Unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor, adults take 1 film-coated tablet of GINKGOVITAL Heumann ® 120 mg (equivalent to 240 mg of Ginkgo biloba dry extract per day) whole with a glass of water twice a day (morning and evening) a. It can be taken independently of meals. The tablets should not be taken lying on your back.

Treatment with GINKGOVITAL Heumann ®should be at least 8 weeks.
If the symptoms have not improved after 3 months or if they have worsened, further treatment should be clarified with a doctor. Forgetfulness Our brain is a high-performance organ that filters out the essential data from the daily flood of information and sorts out other things. This is why we forget some things, especially in times of a lot of stress and tension. if the circumstances change again, the memory usually comes back and we can remember things as usual. IN OLD AGE

With increasing age, brain performance can decrease as fewer nerve cells are active and work more slowly. Brain jogging helps to keep the gray cells "on their toes". In addition, well-tolerated herbal medicines can strengthen memory and concentration in the case of age-related decline in mental performance.

ALZHEIMER DEMENTIA Alzheimer's dementia is not curable, but the course of the disease can be slowed down. The earlier you start promoting brain performance through training and suitable preparations, the more effective the effect. In the easy to medium stage, everyday skills can be improved. Frequently asked questions In which strengths is GINKGOVITAL Heumann ® available?

Tailored to individual needs, GINKGOVITAL Heumann ® film- coated tablets are available in strengths of 40 mg, 80 mg, 120 mg and 240 mg in different pack sizes. The active ingredient is plant-based, the tablets are gluten-free and only differ in their higher or lower dosage.

How quickly do the GINKGOVITAL Heumann ® work ?
As with numerous other herbal preparations, drugs with ginkgo biloba extract do not work immediately, but only after several weeks of regular use. We therefore recommend taking it for at least eight weeks so that you can feel the effects.

How long can I take GINKGOVITAL Heumann ® ?
In principle, GINKGOVITAL Heumann ® is well tolerated and therefore also suitable for long-term use. If you use the tablets for a long time, it is advisable to discuss this with your doctor so that other diseases are not overlooked and side effects and interactions with other drugs can be taken into account.

How can the onset of dementia be recognized?
The following signs may indicate that dementia may be present: The person concerned becomes increasingly forgetful, can no longer remember even simple words, tells the same thing repeatedly, even in short or increasingly shorter periods of time, or even in the same conversation , is repeatedly spatially or temporally disoriented or repeatedly puts objects in the wrong places.

Warnings can also include withdrawal from social life, sudden mood swings and a change in personality, for example if otherwise friendly people become aggressive or active people fall into unfamiliar apathy.

If you are concerned about these signs, you should make an appointment with your family doctor as soon as possible, who will carry out a detailed questioning and physical examination. If a relative is affected, the issue must be approached very carefully and sensitively. Those affected often tend to deny the onset of dementia out of shame and refuse support.