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GINSENG 500 oral fluid 10ml x 10 vials, ginseng root, honey


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  • Ginseng root, honey. GINSENG is a preparation in the form of oral fluid characterized by a natural composition, which strengthens the body, increases efficiency and improves psychophysical processes of memory and concentration.

Ingredients: powdered ginseng root, honey

The preparation favorably affects the functioning of the body. First of all, thanks to ginseng increases efficiency and improves the body's psychophysical processes of memory and concentration. Increases the body's resistance to stress. Included in the dietary supplement honey nourishes and antibacterial.

Use for intense physical activity or mental and during convalescence.

- allergic to components of the supplement
- hypertension
- pregnancy
- breast feeding

Take 1 vial x 1/24, preferably before the first meal.