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GINSENG x 60 tablets, ginseng supplement

Donum Naturea II SC

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  • Ginseng supplement. Ginseng food supplement for adults, indicated especially in a period of decline and the condition of vital exhaustion. The natural properties of the extract of ginseng energizing work, strengthen the nervous system and counteract the effects of stress.

1 tablet (400 mg) contains 100 mg extract of ginseng Effects:Ginseng Donum Naturea is a dietary supplement recommended for adults suffering cyclic fatigue and significant weakening of vitality.Ginseng is also indicated for people who have problems with concentration and memory. In one portion of a dietary supplement we can find 100mg extract of ginseng root (Ginseng radix) whose active substances support the health of the human body and are important to maintain high resistance and efficient thought processes. Supplement indicated for adults.

Oral. 2 x 1-2 tablets per day before or during a meal.