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The use of DRY VISION GLASSES can help with a number of vision problems such as:


-Distant heritage




-Computer vision syndrome

The Dr. VISION simulator glasses are used in over 70 countries around the world and have repeatedly proven their effectiveness. For years, they have been helping ophthalmologists in the United States, Canada and many other countries. Dr. Vision glasses help to stop the development of eye diseases and at the same time work to prevent their damage.

With the help of special laser perforations on the lenses of the glasses the light flux is limited. The small holes allow only direct light rays in a narrow angular path to reach the cornea of ​​the eye by reducing the variety of angles from which light rays can enter the eye. In this process, the refractive effects that occur in problematic vision are reduced because the "circle of blurring" on the retina is proportionally smaller. As a result, the visual image is much clearer, definite and bright. Thanks to this effect, eye fatigue is neutralized and if used frequently, the glasses significantly improve visual acuity even after their use in the first days.

Dr. Vision glasses help to:

- Improving visual acuity and resolution;

- Increasing the brightness of objects;

- Good vision at all distances;

- They are made after repeated experimental experiments and research;

- One model of glasses helps with several visual problems;

- Dr. Vision glasses are extremely light and comfortable to wear;

- They have a long life.