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Glizigen spray is specially formulated to fight viral infections caused mainly by the herpes virus and papilloma virus; ideal product for intimate hygiene for both sexes.

The active substance in Glycegen is glyceric acid. It binds to certain protein structures of the virus, preventing it from entering cells. Its antiviral, antioxidant and healing properties guarantee the effectiveness of Glizigen in viral infections that affect a particular epithelium. For these reasons, it is specially designed for use in lesions caused by the reactivation of herpes virus (type I and II), herpes zoster, as well as in infections of the genital mucosa in papilloma virus with small warts. Glizigen is effective against other viruses, bacteria and fungal infections in the intimate or other area of ​​the body.The antiviral role of glycyrrhizinic acid, its antioxidant capacity and anti-inflammatory effect, contribute to the elimination of infection and free radicals,

Glizigen has a broad spectrum of action against:

- Herpes virus type I and II

- Zoster virus

- Human papilloma virus

- Vaginal candidiasis

- Bacterial vaginosis

- Pemphigus, Infected mollusk and others.

Glizigen spray Composition:

100 g contains: glyceric acid 0.1 g; excipients 100 g.

Glizigen spray Application method:

Genital herpes: 3-4 applications daily for 5 days.

Chickenpox shingles: 3-4 applications daily for 7-10 days.

Papilloma virus with small initial warts: 4-5 applications daily for 2-3 weeks depending on the results.

In cases of large and old warts GLIZIGEN is best used in combination with cryotherapy.

Glizigen spray is a dosing pump. One spray is obtained by two short presses of the spray button. In one application, apply as many sprays as are necessary to wet the affected area abundantly. Once applied to the skin, the product works for 6-8 hours.

For external use only.

Discontinue use of Glizigen in case of redness, inflammation or discomfort.