GLUCARDIAMID x 10 tabl. lozenges, chronic fatigue syndrome


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  • Glucardiamid can be used alternatively in states large and prolonged physical effort, suffer from chronic weakness and fatigue.

GLUCARDIAMID chronic fatigue syndrome Composition:
1 tablet contains the active substances: 
Nikethamide - 125 mg
Glucose - 1500 mg

Excipients GLUCARDIAMID: Sucrose, glucose liquid (glucose syrup), The grease, citric acid monohydrate, Beeswax, white, Butylated (E 320), Butylohydroksyloluen (E 321) , Quinoline Yellow (E 104), Sorbitan monooleate.

GLUCARDIAMID chronic fatigue syndrome Action:
Nikethamide stimulates the central nervous system. Increases the sensitivity of the respiratory center to carbon dioxide, increased tidal volume and respiratory rate increases.
By increasing the heart rate, cardiac output and pressure in the pulmonary arteries, increases blood pressure, especially in people with hypotension. Glucose contained in the preparation Glucardiamid serves as a source of energy for the body.

Glucardiamid can be used alternatively in
-stanach large and prolonged physical effort,
-stanach chronic weakness and fatigue

Oral: Suck 4 to 6 tablets per day.