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  • Glucose (Glucosum anhydricum) in powder form is easily assimilated source of sugar for the body. After application of the following to increase the level of glucose in the body. Glucose has also as diuretics.

Glucosum anhydricum

Glucose (Glucosum anhydricum), is nothing more than a simple sugar fulfills a very important function in our body. Under natural conditions, glucose is present in fruits, honey and vegetative parts of plants. Glucose is our main source of energy, as most body cells require the presence of glucose to work efficiently and for the brain and nervous system is the primary driving force. Therefore, glucose is one of the dietary supplements that are often used in the treatment of diabetes, because after treatment increased sugar levels in the body. In addition, glucose has also as diuretics.

Glucose is a dietary supplement that should be used to make up deficits of glucose in the body, resulting from hypoglycemia poinsulinowej, cravings, as well as a reduced calorie diet low in sugars.

The team malabsorption of glucose, galactose

Take as needed at a dose of 5-20g (directly or dissolved in water).