Glucose test, Abra glucose meter for blood glucose measurement x 1 piece


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  • Glucose test. The Abra kit contains everything a diabetic person needs so he can monitor his blood glucose independently. The kit is equipped with a detailed operating manual.

ABRA Glucometer, test strips - 10pcs, lancet - 1pc, disposable lancet - 10pcs, instruction manual, quick instruction manual, test strips manual, diaries, battery CR 2032 3V, case.

Action: The
Abra glucose meter is very simple, and the large and easy-to-read display makes it easy to read the result. A very small sample of blood, just 0.5 microliter, is needed to perform the test. The meter is equipped with an autoclave, and the device also remembers 300 measurements. The meter has a perpetual warranty.

Abra Glucose Blood Glucose Meter Kit contains the tools you need for your daily blood glucose determination.

Additional Information: The lancet lancets and test strips are disposable.

How to use:
For a detailed description of the use of the meter and the accessories included with the accessory kit, refer to the operating instructions.