Glycerine suppositories, glycerol, glycerin suppository

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Glycerine suppositories, glycerol Rösch 2 g, glycerin suppository

pack size:10 pcs Dosage form:suppositories

To regulate the chair.

active Glycerine suppositories, glycerol, glycerin suppository ingredients

  • 2000 mg glycerol

Glycerine suppositories, glycerol, glycerin suppository excipients

  • stearic acid
  • sodium
  • water, purified

When are glycerin suppositories Rösch used?
Glycerine suppositories Rösch are suppositories to be inserted into the anus to treat constipation.

To regulate bowel movements when an easier passage is particularly desired: e.g. in the case of haemorrhoids, those who are bedridden for a long time, in the elderly and children, after operations, when straining during bowel movements must be avoided or during pregnancy and breastfeeding
when other means are not used should.

Has a hydrophilic effect in a physical way and therefore stimulates the mucous membrane of the rectum to release water, making the thickened content slippery.

The simultaneous increase in volume triggers the defecation reflex after a short time.

How should glycerin suppositories Rösch be used?
Always use this medical device exactly as described in this leaflet or as your doctor or pharmacist has told you. Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

Infants and young children (28 days to 23 months): 1 suppository of 1 g
Children from 2 years, adolescents and adults: 1 suppository of 2 g
Adults (from 18 years of age) in stubborn cases: 1 suppository of 3 g

Best used in the morning just before getting up.

Take the suppository out of the case and insert it into the anus. The effect sets in after a short time (15-60 min).

If necessary, after inserting the suppository, you should hold off emptying a little so that the hardened stool masses can soften sufficiently.

Glycerine suppositories, glycerol, glycerin suppository Composition:
glycerin, stearic acid, sodium carbonate.