GO-ON, hyaluronic acid pre-filled syringes

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GO-ON pre-filled hyaluronic acid syringes

pack size:pc Dosage form:pre-filled syringes

"Note: Pre-
filled syringes are only intended for use by a doctor/specialist with training."

Less pain, more mobility.

active hyaluronic acid ingredients

  • 25 mg hyaluronic acid, sodium salt

hyaluronic acid excipients

  • sodium chloride
  • disodium hydrogen phosphate
  • sodium dihydrogen phosphate
  • water for injections

Less pain, more mobility. GO-ON for joint problems.

GO-ON® – hyaluronic acid known good effectiveness with maximum safety.
Maximum therapeutic success in the treatment of arthrosis with hyaluronic acid can only be guaranteed through permanent therapy monitoring. Therefore, one is always looking for ways to increase the effect and unwanted side effects such. B. to reduce allergies. GO-ON® contains a natural glycosaminoglycan of very high purity. GO-ON® comes very close to the natural hyaluronate in the joint.

GO-ON is the reliable hyaluronic acid injection that has proven its worth.

  • GO-ON acts as a lubricant and lubricant in the joint and thus supports the cartilage's shock absorbing function. The movements can be painless again.
  • GO-ON has a long-lasting effect: After just a few injections at intervals of one week, the effect can last for a longer period of time (individually different).
  • GO-ON is available in syringes containing 2.5 ml of hyaluronic acid.