GO-ON matrix syringes 2ml 1 pc

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go-on® Matrix pre-filled syringes

For effective pain relief and improvement of mobility in osteoarthritis of the synovial joints.

  • Highest available hyaluronic acid concentration
  • Sorbitol protects hyaluronic acid from free radicals
  • Well tolerated after the first injection:
    - strong and rapid pain relief (a)
    - significant improvement in mobility (a)

The plus of the go-on® Matrix therapy:

Thanks to the lower number of injections required, go-on® Matrix is ​​particularly suitable for:

  • Patients who want fewer applications, for example because they have long journeys to the practice or little time for professional reasons
  • Patients in rehab who are on treatment for a limited time
  • Patients with fear of injections,
  • older, immobile patients
  • Injections with difficult joint access e.g. B. in hip osteoarthritis

Please note:
go-on® Matrix
may only be administered by qualified persons who are familiar with its use.