GOODAGING24 DOG beef powder 90 g Rind

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GoodAging24 Dog Rind

Your dog only deserves the best
For dog owners, there is nothing better than growing old together with a vital, satisfied dog. With our supplementary feed GoodAging24 Dog you are demonstrably increasing the life expectancy of your four-legged friend. A selected, hand-picked compilation of valuable plant extracts, minerals and natural vitamins strengthens your dog's immune system. Enjoy the time with your four-legged friend - GoodAging24 supports you.

With herbal feed supplements for an optimal nutrition and health plan
As a natural and purely vegan animal feed supplement, GoodAging24 can also be used perfectly for barfing. The recipe is scientifically proven and strengthens your dog in every situation. Veterinarians recommend adding the product every day from the age of 6 months. You help your four-legged friend to strengthen his immune system and to keep moving. Plants such as frankincense, rose hips and meadowsweet help your dog to stay vital and strong all round.

With exclusive cell protection
complex Only at DocFauna:
In addition to its valuable ingredients, this product contains the unique cell protection complex that is only available from DocFauna and for which a patent has already been applied for due to its special recipe (patent number DE10 2016107.5841). It consists of a selected combination of bioactive plant substances, natural vitamin C from Camu Camu as well as powders and extracts of selected herbs, mushrooms and fruits. This recipe was developed together with experienced scientists and serves to give your four-legged friend health and vitality for a lifetime. All components of the cell protection complex have been micronized, ie their average particle size has been reduced. As has been proven by scientific studies, this enables a particularly high bioavailability to be achieved,

Feeding recommendation:
Up to 10 kg body weight = 5 g
11 kg to 20 kg body weight = 10 g
21 kg to 40 kg body weight = 20 g
Mix directly with the food!