GOODAGING24 DOG powder old age in dogs

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GOODAGING24 DOG powder old age in dogs

Pack size: 300 

Dosage form: powder

GoodAging Powder - Supplementary Feed for Dogs
Vitality and Immune Strength into Old Age
The scientifically confirmed vitality recipes in GoodAging24 DOG from DocFauna make a decisive contribution to strengthening the immune system and extending life expectancy. Behind the formula is the coordinated action of valuable minerals, natural vitamins, wild garlic, milk thistle, chervil and Siberian ginseng powder.

GOODAGING24 DOG powder old age in dogs A healthy supplement every day
As a purely vegan supplementary feed, GoodAging24 DOG can be on the feeding schedule for every dog ​​from the sixth month onwards. GoodAging24 DOG should be used continuously and daily for the best possible effect of its health-promoting properties.