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GRANDEL Puriface Cleansing Foam 2in1

Dr. Grandel GmbH

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GRANDEL Puriface Cleansing Foam 2in1

Pack size:200mlDosage form:foam

Puriface Cleansing Foam 2in1

The Cleansing Foam from DR. GRANDEL with peeling effect revitalizes the skin and prevents impurities. It refines the complexion and gives the skin a clean, fresh feeling right down to the pores.

DR. GRANDEL professional tip:
Applying and blending the mask with the soft mask brush is also very pleasant.


Put some Cleansing Foam in the palms of your hands and clean your face, neck and décolleté. Then rinse with water. Do not let the cleansing foam get into your eyes.

GRANDEL Puriface Cleansing Foam 2in1

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