Grandmother egg-shaped seeds 100g, plantaginis ovatae

Herbapol Krakow

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  • Plantaginis ovatae. Ispaghula company Herbapol is a natural way to help you improve bowel function and adjust the rhythm of bowel movements. In addition, it helps to preserve the soundness of the cardiovascular system, among other things by lowering cholesterol.

Seeds of ispaghula (Plantaginis ovatae semen) - 100%.

Nutritional information for 100g of product: energy value - 576kJ / 138kcal; fat - 5,1g, including saturated fatty acids - 0.6 g; carbohydrates - 4g, including sugars - 0g; protein - 19g; salt - 0g.

Grandmother egg-shaped seeds of Herbapol a food item that will help you improve the condition of the body. The seeds of this plant have long been used in folk medicine, who appreciated its health promoting properties. The beneficial effect of the seeds on the body is linked to the one present in high concentration sluices, linoleic acid, palm oil and phytosterols and natural fiber. Ispaghula primarily regulate bowel function, which translates into a rhythm of bowel movements. The seeds also act as a natural prebiotic, supporting the preservation of endogenous bacterial flora. These seeds also help to lower cholesterol, which is too high level of co-responsible for cardiovascular disease. Ispaghula also support maintaining the good health of the cardiovascular system.

Grandmother egg-shaped seeds to be used to improve bowel function, regulate bowel habits and supportive work of the cardiovascular system and maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, in a dry place at room temperature. The product can not substitute a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to egg-shaped grandmother.

Recommended daily dose: 2 tsp. Use once a day. 2 teaspoons of plantain seed ovoid mix with a glass of water, juice or yogurt, drink plenty of water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Net weight: 100g