GRANU FINK Femina capsules 120 pcs overactive bladder (irritable bladder)

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GRANU FINK ® Femina Capsules, overactive bladder (irritable bladder)

Areas of application: Traditional herbal medicine used to strengthen or strengthen the bladder function in the case of bladder weakness and to relieve bladder problems caused by overactive bladder (irritable bladder) after serious illnesses have been ruled out by a doctor.

GRANU FINK ® femina is a traditional medicinal product that has been registered for the area of ​​application solely on the basis of many years of use.

GRANU FINK Femina overactive bladder (irritable bladder) For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

GRANU FINK ® femina - The natural solution for a strong bladder. / Strengthens me and my bladder.
The herbal medicine naturally helps with bladder weakness and frequent urination thanks to the unique combination of active ingredients of uromedic ® pumpkin seeds that strengthen the bladder , soothing hops and soothing women's sumac. GRANU FINK ® femina is very well tolerated, there are no known interactions.

Instructions for use:
Only 3 capsules a day.

GRANU FINK Femina overactive bladder (irritable bladder) Active ingredient:
extracts from Uromedic ® pumpkin seeds, women's sumac, hops.