GRANU FINK Prosta forte 500 mg hard capsules 40 pcs

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GRANU FINK ® Prosta forte 500 mg

Areas of application: Discomfort when urinating as a result of an enlarged prostate (prostate aadenoma stage I to II according to Alken or stage II to III according to Vahlensieck).

GRANU FINK Prosta forte For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Herbal medicine used to treat bladder problems with the prostate. GRANU FINK ® Prosta forte 500 mg has a strong effect, helps of course thanks to the high-dose Uromedic ® pumpkin seeds with prostate-active Delta-7 sterols. An improvement in the frequent urge to urinate and the weak urine stream can be felt after just 4 weeks. GRANU FINK ® is gentle on the skinProsta forte 500 mg sexual function. The drug combines clinically proven effectiveness * 1 with very good tolerability.

* 1 Bach D.: Urologist [B] 2000; 40: 437-443.

GRANU FINK Prosta forte Instructions for use:
Only 2 capsules a day.

GRANU FINK Prosta forte Active ingredient:
thick extract from pumpkin seeds