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GRANU FINK Prosta plus Sabal hard capsules 60 pcs pumpkin seeds

Omega Pharma Germany GmbH

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GRANU FINK ® Prosta pumpkin seeds

active ingredients:
Pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil , extract from saw palmetto fruits.

The combination of medicinal gourd and sabal has proven to be particularly effective in treating urinary complaints.

GRANU FINK Prosta pumpkin seeds strengthens and relieves the bladder-prostate-system in:

  • frequent urination during the day and night
  • Dripping of urine
  • weak urine stream
  • uncomfortable residual urine sensation

GRANU FINK Prosta pumpkin seeds. The valuable ingredients of this herbal medicine can develop their strengthening effect on the entire bladder and prostate area. There are no known negative influences on potency.