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GREEN COFFEE WITH CINNAMON (WITHOUT CAFFEINE) Helps maintain normal body weight and detoxify the body

  • minced
  • decaf
  • 95% Arabica

This green coffee consists of ground raw decaffeinated coffee beans from organic farming - 100% natural organic product . Green coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid. It has strong antioxidant properties, helps cleanse the body and helps maintain a normal body weight . Green coffee is rich in vitamins E and C, iron, calcium and selenium, which have a beneficial effect on the normal condition of hair and nails. The tannins contained in unroasted coffee beans contribute to the normal functions of the stomach, and vitamin PP supports the normal functioning of the liver. Green coffee has strong antioxidant properties and can promote normal metabolic functions and the removal of excess fluids from the body.

Two - three times a day. Make with a black coffee machine, using green coffee instead of standard coffee. You can also prepare the drink with an espresso machine or as an herbal infusion (10 g of coffee for 200 ml of water), then strain the precipitate and enjoy.