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  • GREEN COFFEE CAPSULES EkaMedica to supplement containing the extract of green coffee rich in chlorogenic acid - antioxidant, affecting human health and beauty. Supplementing the diet of green coffee reduces the absorption of sugar by the body.

extract of green coffee (20: 1) - the contents of 1 capsule 500 mg, the content of 2 capsules of 1000 mg, this chlorogenic acid 225 mg in 1 capsule, and 500 mg of 2 capsules chloride, chromium (III), silicon dioxide - anti-caking agent; components of the capsule (gelatine - component coating)

Green Coffee EkaMedica contains valued and important antioxidant for human health - chlorogenic acid, which occurs mainly in green leaves and fruits, among others, coffee tree, the artichoke, nettle, and peaches and plums - especially dried. Chlorogenic acid is mainly caused by decreasing the absorption of sugar, which in turn stimulates the body to actively use the collected inventory and losing excess weight. The product is especially recommended for people who wish to maintain a healthy body weight and good metabolism and physically active and working mentally.

Green Coffee EkaMedica, is recommended for individuals applying slimming diet and physically active. It increases metabolism and beneficial effect on the work of the mind, memory and concentration.

1-2 capsules per day. It must not be used during pregnancy and lactation.