Green lipped mussel with vitamins for dogs

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Green-lipped mussel with vitamins capsules for dogs

Pack size:120 pcs Dosage form:Capsules

The valuable mucopolysaccharides such as glucosamine and chondroitin are components of the connective and supporting tissue, as well as B. skin and cartilage, as well as body mucus that have sliding and protective effects. Furthermore, an adequate supply of vitamins is of great importance for the health and vitality of your dog. Vitamins are important for the nerves, metabolism and skin. These capsules are a balanced combination to support the nerves in stressed dogs and to prevent vitamin deficiency. Young and breeding animals in particular have an increased need for B vitamins. Biotin contributes to healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Net filling quantity:
120 capsules = 54 g

Green lipped mussel with vitamins for dogs Composition:
Green-lipped mussel concentrate (35%), gelatine (capsule shell), gelatine hydrolyzate (19%), dextrose, anti-caking agent, magnesium salts from fatty acids, coloring agent titanium dioxide (capsule shell).

Analytical components:
crude protein 60.3%, crude fat 5.6%, crude ash 3.5%, crude fiber 0.3%.

Green lipped mussel with vitamins for dogs Nutritional additives / kg:
Vitamin C 133 g (60 mg / capsule), niacin 40 g (18 mg / capsule), vitamin E 22 g (10 mg / capsule), pantothenic acid 13 g (6 mg / capsule), vitamin B6 4 , 4 g (2 mg / capsule), vitamin B2 3.6 g (1.4 mg / capsule), vitamin B1 3.1 g (1.4 mg / capsule), folic acid 0.44 g (200 µg / capsule ), Biotin 0.33 g (150 µg / capsule), vitamin B12 2222 µg (1 µg / capsule).

Green lipped mussel with vitamins for dogs Note on feed supplements:

  • Small dog breeds (up to 10kg) 1 capsule daily
  • Medium dog breeds (up to 20kg) 2 capsules daily
  • Large dog breeds (from 20kg) 3 capsules daily

The capsules can be opened and the contents mixed with the food.

Complementary feed. Store in a cool and dry place.