Green tea NATJUN, Oriental Charm 100g


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  • Green tea, oriental charm. Flavored Green Tea Oriental Spice will satisfy the demanding palate of connoisseurs of this drink. Top-quality Chinese green tea with a perceptible taste of rose petals and marshmallow petals and a fruity finish. The absolute hit of Natjun!

Gunpowder green tea, rose petals, marshmallow petals, aroma.

Green tea Oriental Charm is a guarantee of incredible taste sensations. The complex taste range is perfectly balanced, thanks to which all components are sensed, that is, great green tea and the mild flavor of rose petals, giving the tea an oriental aroma. All this is finished with a subtle hint of fruit that extinguishes the bitter aftertaste of the infusion. This tea is a memory of the flavors of southern China. The advantage of tea is not only its unique aroma, but also a set of valuable substances. Among them are B vitamins and vitamins C and K, as well as mineral salts. Oriental Tea Czar is great as a support for the digestive system. It is also useful in detoxifying the body. The infusion can be drunk both unsweetened and with the addition of sugar, which intensifies the fruity-floral finish of the drink.

Additional information:
Store in a dry place in such a way that the product does not absorb other odors.

Country of origin: China, Yunnan province.

Pour 1 teaspoon of tea into a cup, 2 teaspoons into a glass. Tea should be poured with water at the optimal temperature (70-80 ° C). The water reaches this temperature about 10-12 minutes after boiling. Brew tea for 3 minutes for the first brewing or 5 minutes for the second brewing.

Net weight: 100g