Green tea NATJUN, Thai Nguyen 2g x 50 sachets


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  • Green tea. Do you value time and simplicity, but you do not want to give up quality? The choice is simple - Natjun Green Tea Thai Nguyen, which does not give in to the taste and aroma of even high-grade deciduous tea.

High - grade green tea.

Do not believe those who do not recognize tea in bags! It's not true! Natjun Thai Nguyen tea can easily compete with high-quality leaf tea. The time of crushing the drought, which takes place just before packaging into the bags, has a huge impact. If you are looking for a good green tea, entrust to true enthusiasts from Natjun. Numerous trips around Asia have allowed them to discover a completely new flavor of this most popular beverage in the world. Vietnamese province of Thai Nguyen showed a new face of green tea, which is a unique combination of aromas of Chinese and Japanese teas, in addition devoid of bitterness. What is better to start the day than a cup of Thai Nguyen tea, which in addition to the taste values ​​also offers amazing health benefits?

Additional information:
Store tea in a dry place. Protect against contact with other odors.

Country of origin: Vietnam.

Directions for use:
Tea can be brewed in a mug or in a pre-heated teapot. One sachet should be poured 200-250ml of hot water. For brewing green tea you should not use boiling water, the best is water at a temperature of 75-80st. C (just wait 10 minutes after boiling). The brewing time is about 3 minutes.

Net weight: 100g (50 x 2g).