GRINTUSS pediatric syrup 128g cough (dry and wet) Children aged 1-6 years


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  • GRINTUSS Pediatric Syrup is a natural preparation which strengthens immunity and helps mitigate the cough (dry and wet).Spasmolytic, disinfecting and expectorant.

GRINTUSS Pediatric Syrup Ingredients:
Cane sugar *, acacia honey, water, hydro-alcoholic extract of leaves of plantain, lyophilized extract of plantain, lyophilized extract of the tops grindelii, lyophilized extract of the inflorescence Everlasting, natural essential oils: lemon, sweet orange, myrtle, natural lemon flavor
* ingredients from biological cultivation

GRINTUSS Pediatric Syrup Action:
GRINTUSS pediatric syrup for children is distinguished by its natural composition. Freeze-dried extract contains grindelii which limits tack located in airway mucus. Responsible for its liquidation and restores the correct movements of ciliated epithelium. Increases the tension of bronchial smooth muscle and an expectorant. The extract of rose petals exhibits bacteriostatic and antispasmodic. Propol Pur extract of propolis, guarantees the effectiveness of syrup. It fights bacteria, disinfects and strengthens the immune system. GRINTUSS Pediatric has a pleasant citrus taste. Snow respiratory protective coating which acts as a barrier and contribute to the alleviation of coughing.

GRINTUSS Pediatric Syrup Contraindications:
- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation

It is recommended to use the product to children from 1 year of age in the case of dry and wet cough.

How to use:
Apply orally. Children aged 1-6 years give 1 teaspoon / 24. Children over 6 years give 1 teaspoon x 2-4 / 24.