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GUM Ortho Mouthwash

Sunstar Germany GmbH

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GUM Ortho Mouthwash

Pack size:300mlDosage form:Mouthwash

GUM ® ORTHO mouthwash

Advanced caries prevention and gum protection.

• Fluoride (1490 ppm) + isomalt for superior remineralization of tooth enamel and protection against initial lesions and caries.
• 0.05% cetylpyridinium chloride for an antibacterial effect and to prevent plaque buildup.
• Natural anti-irritant ingredients (bisabolol, ginger extract, aloe vera, vitamin E) to soothe the gums.
• Gentle mint aroma for a pleasantly fresh taste. NO CHX or alcohol: for safe daily use; gentle on the oral mucosa.

GUM Ortho Mouthwash