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GUM Soft-Picks Pro medium

Sunstar Germany GmbH

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GUM Soft-Picks Pro medium

Dosage form:toothbrush

GUM Soft-Picks Pro medium

If you want to start cleaning between your teeth or are looking for an easier alternative to dental floss, this metal-free interdental brush with soft and flexible elastomer filaments is made for you. GUM ® SOFT-PICKS PRO is the latest innovation in the GUM interdental range and is ideal for daily cleaning between the teeth before brushing with a toothbrush. The head has been redesigned, is ultra-soft and cleans 50% more effectively* between the teeth, i.e. in the areas that a toothbrush cannot reach.

With GUM SOFT-PICKS PRO you will experience a new feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

Available in 3 sizes and therefore also suitable for narrow interdental spaces. Ultra-soft and therefore perfect for cleaning sensitive teeth and gums. Also recommended for bridges or orthodontic appliances. With travel case for quick use on the go and in between. The slightly curved shape also makes it easy to reach the back interdental spaces.


It is important to clean between your teeth every day, as plaque and food particles can easily build up in narrow and hard-to-reach areas. As an expert in interdental cleaning, GUM has developed a new, innovative solution that makes it easier to achieve a thorough clean.

GUM SOFT-PICKS PRO are the most convenient tool for cleaning between your teeth. The gentle and easy-to-use interdental brushes feature super-soft elastomer filaments and offer improved and complete cleaning of all interdental spaces.

Thanks to the modern curved design, you can easily reach the entire oral cavity, including hard-to-reach areas such as the back molars.

Metal-free interdental brush
Soft and flexible elastomer filaments ensure easy, gentle and safe care even for sensitive gums
For cleaning plaque and food residue between the teeth
Pleasant to use
With practical travel case
Clinically tested: 50% more effective cleaning*


Instructions for use
GUM SOFT-PICKS should slide easily between your teeth, but with slight resistance. Do not press too hard. To clean the entire interdental space, make a few gentle back and forth movements.

GUM Soft-Picks Pro medium