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Gynomed Vaginal Active vaginal tablets x 6 pieces

Sequoia Sp. z oo

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  • Gynomed Vaginal Active is a probiotic that restores the proper microflora of the vagina. As a result, effectively reduces discharge and removes itching and irritation. It regenerates.

Each tablet Gynomed Vaginal Active ™ contains 876.9 mg Lcr Regenerans

Gynomed Vaginal Active is a product that Lcr Regenerans®. This component combines probiotics (Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus Döderlein that can locate naturally in the vagina) and prebiotics (substances with nutritional). As a result, it helps to regulate vaginal pH (microorganisms to produce lactic acid). Coated with a protective coating mucosa, which will prevent the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms. It is responsible for the creation of an environment that favors the development of the natural bacterial flora of the vagina. Gynomed Vaginal Active is a probiotic vaginal, released gradually. 1 tablet is active for as long as eight days!

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product

Use a probiotic as a continuation of antibiotic treatment (vaginal) or after treatment with antifungal preparations. Indicated in combination with oral treatment (especially antibiotics).

How to use:
Apply vaginally. Before using tablets, soak it in water (which facilitates its introduction). Apply at bedtime. To rebuild the vaginal flora, we recommend applying 2 tab. - 1 tablet. vaginally every four days (eight days to be operational). To prevent infection applied reflectance 6 tablets, 1 tablet intravaginally every four days (24 days active steps). After 8 hours of application tablets, you can coexist.